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TLC is the leading supplier of scale and pricing labels to retailers in Trinidad and Tobago. We not only manufacture labels for customers across the Caribbean. We also have a team of in-house Artist who can help you create and design your labels for you.

Price Computing Scale Labels

We produce labels for all brands of weigh scales. Our labels can be used with either direct thermal or transfer thermal printers. Scale labels are pre-printed by TLC with customers' logos and other fixed data.The product is weighed or counted and the variable data (e.g. date, price, weight and/or count) is transferred onto the pre printed label using thermal printing technology.


A selection of scale labels printed by TLC are shown below:


Customised Labels

Our in-house art department designs custom labels to enhance the presentation of products for sectors such as automotive, chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food. Our labels are produced on rolls or sheets and can be used with automatic labelers or applied by hand. 


A small selection of Customised Labels produced by TLC are shown below:


Promotional Labels

We also supply customers a range of promotional and other special / additional information labels: both custom and standardised. We stock a number of commonly used promotional labels and also create one-off promotional labels for your specific requirements. We pride ourselves on offering a rapid turn-around time and facilitating rush orders for emergency and unexpected events.


A small selection of promotional labels produced by TLC are shown below:


Variable Print Labels

We supply customers with blank labels on which they can print variable data using an in-house printer. Applications include addressing, shipping, quality inspection / batch labels, pricing and badges.


Identification and Pricing Labels

We manufacture standard printed labels e.g. Expiry Date, Best Before, Use By etc, as well as custom printed machine labels to be used with Monarch handheld labeling machines. White and assorted fluorescent blank pricing machine labels are also available.


Barcode Labels

We supply customers barcodes and barcode labels which are checked with barcode verification software prior to leaving the factory to ensure that all barcodes work at point of sale.

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