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TLC offers the full range of Mettler Toledo Laboratory solutions to customers across the Southern Caribbean and our team of internationally trained technicians provides installation, calibration and servicing with our certified weights.Mettler Toledo Laboratory instruments are used in scientific research and quality control labs across different industries such as pharmaceutical, food & beverage and petrochemical. 

Mettler Toledo is the global market leader with the three instrument groups most frequently used in the laboratory: balances, pipettes, and pH meters, and a pioneer in the field of Automated Chemistry.


A selection of the products we sell are displayed below.

MT new.jpg

Analytical Balance

Density meter

Edited Image 2015-4-16-14:27:14
Edited Image 2015-4-16-14:27:14

Mass Comparator 


Moisture Analyzer

Tabletop Refractometer

Precision Balances 

Thermal Analysis 

Pipettes and tips 

Lab Meters and Electrodes 

Weighing Solutions / Test Weights

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